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Welcome to the ISOVER Multi-Comfort construction database


This database contains over 200 construction details developed by ISOVER specifically for achieving the high standards of Saint-Gobain Multi Comfort Concept.

Furthermore most of this construction details have been certified by the Passivehouse Institute in Darmstadt, Germany.


The details are structured in 4 major construction sets for new buildings:


  • Massive conctructions with rear ventilated facade
  • Massive constructions with compound insulation system
  • Timber construction with rear ventilated facade
  • Timber construction with compound insulation system


Content of
Component suitable for Passive Houses Dr. Wolfgang Feist


All construction drawings are available for free download and can be used in all relevant CAD software systems.


Each construction details contains


  • U-value calculation
  • Components (products)
  • Isotherm drawings
  • Construction model
  • Airtightness concept


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Multi-Comfort Designer


The Multi Comfort Designer is based on a preliminary projection of the performances of the construction and serves as preliminary draft material for subsequent construction of a Multi-Comfort House.


The draft is optimized by altering factors of varying influence such as compactness and orientation of the building, the quality of thermal insulation, quality and size of the windows etc.


The following factors can be entered, selected, modified and calculated:


  • General Project data like the project location, addresses, climate zone etc.
  • Geometry of the building draft
  • Energy efficient wall constructions to define the thermal quality of the building envelope
  • Quality of the glazing concerning thermal losses and solar gains
  • Thermal quality of the window frames
  • Awareness of thermal bridge free construction needs
  • Availability of a forced ventilation system and the effectiveness of the subsoil heat exchanger


ISOVER Multi-Comfort House Designer

All calculations and variations show at any stage of the planning:


  • The actual used wall constructions
  • The actual effective energy efficiency


ISOVER Multi-Comfort House Designer

The energy efficiency calculation results are:


  • The transmission losses
  • The ventilation losses
  • The sum of the heat losses
  • The solar gains
  • The internal gains
  • The sum of the heat gains
  • The resulting annual heat demand


All calculations can be stored and saved locally. A synopsis can be printed out at any planning stage.


Download the Multi-Comfort House Designer on the right side or click here...


Multi-Comfort House brochures


Download our brochures on the Multi-Comfort Concept and learn more about the possibilities and advantages.


ISOVER Multi-Comfort House Designer 2.0
ISOVER Multi-Comfort House Designer 2.0


Download the brochures in a compressed version by clicking the accordant download link on the right side or download them uncompressed as PDF by clicking the cover images above.


ISOVER Multi-Comfort House Designer 2.0
ISOVER Multi-Comfort House Designer 2.0


The Multi-Comfort Concept is a construction concept for new buildings and renovation which fits for residential and non-residential buildings and can be applied in all climatic zones. It allows great flexibility in building design and it is compatible with all types of constructions: massive or light-weight, onside or pre-fabricated. Furthermore it is achievable with reasonable costs and economically viable due to its very high energy savings and reduced need for maintenance. Over all Multi-Comfort House provides excellent comfort of living.


Multi-Comfort House…


  • is designed to reduce energy demand for heating and cooling to a minimum
  • offers optimal thermal comfort and related energy savings
  • offers excellent acoustic and visual comfort
  • ensures permanently high indoor air quality
  • ensures fire protection and durability of the construction
  • is sustainable by taking into account environmental, economic and social factors over its complete life cycle.


Multi-Comfort House movies


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Or download the movies in a compressed version by clicking the accordant download link on the right side.


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